Cash is king in any business and so we focus on ensuring that the cash position is carefully monitored, the implications of decisions are understood and the rationale for internal or external investments is clear and logical. At the same time we are used to working with banks to ensure that facilities and finance can be made available and the best possible case is put forward to gain funders' support.

Businesses of all sizes need commercial and financial help if they are to thrive. A key role in any organisation is the CFO but sometimes you either can't afford a full-time person or you have an urgent gap that needs filling.

Either way we can help. Alongside the CEO the CFO is the only person who sees everything that is happening in a business. Because of this our CFO service is focused on helping CEOs add value to their businesses.

We don't believe in heavy-handed controls, instead we believe that a light touch is needed that helps to stop the business careering around but allows creativity and entrepreneurial flair to flourish.

Be it a part-time role, covering while recruitment is considered or even a special project which could divert your full-time CFO, when you need thoughtful and insightful support, talk to us.