Cutting costs and restructuring is never a painless exercise. The key is to handle it correctly both in terms of dealing with suppliers and employees and the requirements of the law. We understand the process and how to do it properly so that it can be seen as positive and not negative.

A turnaround involves asking hard questions and getting hard answers. Without the emotional attachment of existing managers we can often see a way through and help to build a robust plan as a base for the future.

We view turnaround as being a combination of:

  • Due diligence on where the business currently is and how it got there; and
  • Strategy to develop an action plan to address the position
  • Delivery against that plan to help the business end up strong, fit and ready for the challenges of the market

An action plan has to be about ensuring that the business that emerges is operationally and financial sound and has a role, profile and brand in the market that set it on the right track for future success.