Whether you need a formal valuation as part of a transaction or for tax purposes or simply want some advice and insight into what your intellectual property is worth then we can help illuminate the position.

We are happy to work with other advisors on specific projects as well as directly for clients, investors, funders and founders.

The most valuable asset in a business, its IP, often isn't on the balance sheet. When it comes to a sale or even a licensing arrangement understanding the real value in software, techniques, patents or database rights can be key to optimising a deal.

We specialise in working with high-technology businesses and understand the links between intellectual property, cashflow, business success and eventual value.

Valuing IP is complex and requires both an understanding of the IP itself and the ability to calculate its future value in the market. Starting with a searching investigation of the IP our practical approach explains the implications of the key assumptions rather than blinding you with science.